What We Offer

Sara Software Systems, LLC provides a range of professional services with a focus on delivering mission value to our customers. Whether you’re supporting national security or the financial sector markets, our team brings cutting edge software IT solutions to advance any organization’s IT security while increasing their speed to stay competitive in today’s market. Learn more about how our services can help your organization thrive.

Our Partners

We partner with software and service companies, vendors and other key entities so we can provide you with the right software products for your mission. We believe transparency is key to earning and maintaining your trust, so we’ve included a list of our partners. Please contact us if your company would like to become a valued partner!

Our Services

Application Development

When readily available products in the market doesn’t solve your increasingly complex industry and IT needs then it’s the time to call the Sara Software Systems development team

Agile Transformation

Sara Software Systems is dedicated to the principles of business agility through the application of Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices. The agile development in software is part of a larger movement towards


Sara Software Systems understands the challenge of maintaining server availability while meeting our clients’ needs. Whether it be the delivery of new features, a redesign in architecture, or fulfillment of

Artificial Intelligence

With deep domain expertise in AI technologies, Sara Software Systems has a proven track record of success in deploying state-of-the-art solutions. Utilizing machine learning and AI, we enable ...


Cybersecurity team provide industry-leading security solutions for corporations seeking to protect their data from unwanted intrusions, to predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure

Program Management

Our experienced professionals provide program oversight, guidance, coordination, and risk management for end-to-end strategic execution of high priority ...


Sara Software Systems is acutely adept at Business Intelligence (BI), a key component for targeted strategic planning and smart decisions in any business or ...


In the modern digital age, Analytics forms the bedrock of understanding user behavior and predicting future trends. Sara Software Systems is leading the charge in this domain...

IT infrastructure

Sara Software Systems understands the challenge of maintaining server availability while meeting our clients’ needs. Whether it be the delivery of new features, a redesign...

Low Code/No Code Development

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, Low Code/No Code (LC/NC) development emerges as a game-changer, enabling rapid application deployment without the intricacies of traditional coding...

Our Customers

Over the years, IT Objects has been entrusted with delivering vital services for the U.S. government and leading private and public sector organizations. Here is a list of some of our prominent customers:


Are you looking to join an innovative, quality-focused, collaborative team? Here at Sara Software Systems, we take pride in the caliber of our team and their passion for continuous improvement and development. We emphasize the importance of a balance between innovation and quality to provide effective solutions in a service-centered environment. If this sounds like a great fit for you please check out our current openings.

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