IT Infrastructure

Sara Software Systems understands the challenge of maintaining server availability while meeting our clients’ needs. Whether it be the delivery of new features, a redesign in architecture, or fulfillment of service requests, we have you covered. Sara Software Systems can rapidly transform your organization’s various product lines to be higher in security, robustness, and availability, all while delivering change in a manner that does not disrupt end users.

We develop a cloud-native architecture on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure that has endured some of the most rigorous assessments and proven at enterprise scale. We enable organizations to increase IT delivery speed through automated deployment pipelines capable of managing a high-volume of development and operational change. We also use these pipelines to automate the implementation of security controls that deliver high confidence for enforcing approved configuration across your workloads. We overlay an operational monitoring framework that adds rigorous monitoring capable of integrating with an existing enterprise Security Operations Center (SOC).

Adamant with regards to adhering to industry best practices and diving into uncharted territory, Sara Software Systems operates with a high degree of automation to achieve predictable results in administering change. If you are looking to move to a cloud or explore what is possible, our team can help develop and implement your cloud computing strategy.